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A B O U T   U S

Imagine if the Circus was only for adults... Cirque du Vulgar is a fast paced, hilarious night of raw, live entertainment. Featuring death defying stunts, our cheeky dancing Vulgarettes and comedy that will leave your belly aching with laughter- you won’t forget this night quickly. Live under our sensational Big Top, we combine modern world class circus acts performed by our ‘Vulgar’ characters who will astound you with their charm and skill!

"By the end, the big top was alive with roars demanding an encore, with some people completely floored by the whole thing, others wondering what exactly it was they had just witnessed, and one or two just glad that everyone made it out alive..."

You dirty beauties! What a fabulous escapade, a shameless charade, shining a light into the places Brits don't want to look! Hilarious, mildly frightening at moments, a total feast for the eyes and imagination!

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